As an independent engineering office specialized in fire safety,

we offer services and technical solutions to our clients for challenging fire safety and fire protection cases.


To cope with the demands of today’s architectural creativity, one cannot rely exclusively on standards or codes made for regular buildings.

We offer services and technical solutions for these challenging fire safety and fire protection cases.

As an independent engineering office specialized in fire safety, we support project stakeholders in their design and build process to obtain cost effective integrated fire protection measures.

Fire Safety Engineering is a relatively new discipline growing in stature as Fire Safety Engineers around the world begin to apply their skills to complex issues that defy solution by the old prescriptive approach to fire safety.

Consequently, fire safety design is evolving at a rapid pace from a prescriptive based design to a performance based one. Many countries are now developing new codes and regulations, written in such a way to permit and promote engineered solutions to fire safety problems.

Common mandatory fire safety regulations for buildings have become ‘wise’ in the last decades mainly through experiences of authorities with tragic fire incidents. As these incidents are fortunately seldom, the lessons learned are valuable but also limited to the boundary conditions and behavior of the occupants for each particular incident.

Complex modern structures are increasingly deviating from the traditional building geometry for which fire safety regulations are meant to be unambiguous and appropriate. To cope with this gap, we need to use a performance based approach for fire safety. In this approach the fire safety engineer plays a key role bringing together all stakeholders to discuss and agree the criteria and assumptions with respect to fire physics.

As smoke and heat are prominent factors for life safety, computer aided modelling of smoke and heat transport within an object gives us valuable insights on how to fulfill the above mentioned criteria. 

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Computational Fluid Dynamics



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Site supervision

We assist your engineering team with onsite follow up and verification of new fire protection systems, , assuring that the final as-built system fully complies with its designed purpose, while maintaining the best performance for your valuable resources

Enforcing your project team

We support your project team with knowledge about fire physics and fire protection measures. A smart multidisciplinary approach when designing modern buildings results in more fire safety with lesser cost.

Code compliance verification

We verify your design on full filling national building regulations and/or applicable (inter-)national standards.

Computational simulations of comfort ventilation

We combine our knowledge of fire ventilation with the demands of HVAC comfort systems. Even without a fire, we use our competence in CFD techniques to model air flows and biological effluents in building.

Computational simulations of smoke and heat transport

We use Computational Fluid Dynamic techniques (CFD) to simulate fire driven fluid flows with an emphasis on smoke and heat transport from fires. This state of the art technique gives us insight in the spread of smoke, the spread of toxic effluents and development of heat in buildings.

Concept and design of active fire protection systems

We write contractor tender specifications for active fire protection systems including detection systems, evacuation systems, gas extinguishing systems, smoke and heat extraction systems, sprinkler systems.

Fire safety strategy

We develop a detailed fire safety strategy report with respect to the measures of your organization. This report includes the fire protection objectives and life safety objectives, the identification of potential fire hazards and the evaluation of possible protection measures, taking into account the total cost of ownership.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Enclosed underground structures
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Hello, I’m Les Baert, founder of FSEConsult.


During the last 20 years, I had the opportunity to be project manager in numerous projects related to installations in buildings and industry, whereof more than 10 years in design and implementation of fire protection systems.

As former operational manager with a contractor of integrated fire protection systems, I have gained a profound knowledge of regulations, codes, restrictions and practical issues related to passive and active fire protection measures.

In this period, I graduated as Fire Safety Engineer at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University with a master dissertation on fire safety in car parks and underground structures. This post-graduation, topping up my professional experience, let me decide to broad the horizon and become an independent fire engineer offering services to all stakeholders involved with fire safety measures.

As the interaction of technical installations in buildings is of major importance regarding to fire safety, my background as engineer in automation facilitates insight in this complex matter.

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